About Laney

Laney Rene Redmon (now Pickens) was born and raised near Dallas, TX, and began her career as a professional backup dancer with Christian artist Britt Nicole in 2014. Before falling in love with dancing, Laney spent her childhood learning about her best friend and Savior, Jesus. She specifically remembers being afraid of the dark as a child, and her mother reminding her to simply "speak the name of Jesus" and whatever fear you might feel will have to leave. This simple idea has become the foundation of Laney's life since. Following four years on the road, Laney moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue new ways to declare the goodness of Jesus to everyone she could. Laney released her debut single "Safe Place" in 2018. In 2019, Laney launched a boutique clothing brand under the name “Laney Rene” - taking "old" clothing and making it "NEW" She also married her husband Clayton in December. In 2021, Laney gave birth to Rhonny Grace and also launched her debut authored work Speak Your Name: Devotions and Declarations on the Reality of Jesus.

Now living near Dallas, TX, Laney continues to point people towards Jesus, sharing stories of His power in her life in podcasts, through writing, and on Instagram @heylaneyrene. Every part of Laney’s life and the Laney Rene brand are rooted in that simple, but powerful idea - finding new ways to speak out the awesome reality of a person, friend and savior called "Jesus".

About the Brand

Ever since I was little I’ve always loved new clothes. There was something about putting on something new and wearing it for the first time that made me feel like a million bucks.

One day I was getting ready and I remember looking at all my clothes like I’ve worn these a hundred times and I just don’t want to wear the same thing again. So, I picked up one of my shirts and did what anyone would do (ok, maybe not anyone) and started just cutting away trying to make it new and something I would want to wear again. That one shirt then led to me cutting up and bleaching almost my whole summer wardrobe. I remember that sparking something in me, that maybe I could do something like that for other people one day. But, if I was going to start something like that I wanted there to be purpose.

So, I asked God to show me if there could be purpose in making old clothes new again… And I immediately was led to 2 Corinthians 5:17 – “Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. Old things have passed away; Behold all things have become new.”

I know its simple, but I felt like He was giving me a tangible way to show the simple truth of what he does when we receive His free gift of eternal life. He takes what was once old, dirty, useless, and unwanted and makes it something NEW, CLEAN, PRICELESS, and WANTED.

May you be reminded of who you are and Whose you are when you wear these clothes. You are loved. You are known. You are beautiful.

You are NEW.

Laney Rene Shop Mission: A place for women to seek encouragement, experience joy and find freedom through redefined clothing

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