Daughter: Becoming Who You Already Are - Book


Who am I? These three simple words hold such power. But for women everywhere, the answer isn’t quite so simple.

Daughter: Becoming Who You Already Are is a refreshing perspective for every woman, everywhere. In a world focused on appearance, we forget — or, were never told — this grounding and life-changing truth: we are first, foremost, and simply His.
From the book: “The truth is, though you may not feel like it now, you’re in a beautiful place. Whether it’s for the first time or whether it’s for the hundredth time, it’s never a bad idea to ask your Father, to ask Jesus, to remind you who you are.”
Drawing from relevant scripture and not shying away from the hard questions—or pretending she has all the answers— Laney shares the experiences that have shaped her into who she is today.
“My hope for you — no matter what stage or season of life you’re in, no matter your upbringing or background — is that the words in this book would refresh your soul.” – Laney
This book provides a picture of the Father’s faithfulness and deep love for every Daughter. It is an invitation to receive a God-given identity, to walk in the inheritance of who you already are.